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Intended for:
All WETT members  
You must already be WETT certified and have successfully completed both the Woodburning Systems and SITE Basic Inspection courses.
  • To ensure that you are up to date on changes to the National Building Code for 2010 and the CSA B365 2010 edition.
  • To review recent changes to several product safety standards.
  • To review the SITE inspection process.
  • To review appliance types, system design and venting and clearance reductions.
The New and Review Online course is designed to serve as an efficient way for you to go over what you learned in the previous WETT courses you took and to cover what may have changed since then. If you’ve had lingering questions about any regulations or technologies, this is the course for you!
  • General overview of the WETT system.
  • Review of appliance types.
  • System design and venting.
  • Clearance reductions.
Successful completion of the course results in one continuing education credit.
Course code:
$295 (+tax)

Please note: prices are subject to change and may vary by region. Visit the courses in your area section for spectific dates, course locations and registration information.

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New & Review Course (Online)
WETT is pleased offer members the flexibility of online training. This new course can be taken from home, your place of business or anywhere with a computer and high-speed internet access.

About the Course
WETT has partnered with Humber College, a leading post-secondary institution to host the New and Review online course. Humber serves 27,500 full-time students and 56,000 continuing education registrants, offering 150 full-time programs across more than 40 fields of study, along with 200 part-time and more than 400 online courses.

The course introduction includes a review of how the online course works, including navigation, code references and how to answer questions. The system will prompt you to view the introduction first. This course consists of four modules, which must be completed in order. The course consists of a number of questions you must successfully answer to move forward to the next question.

To complete the course you should have a copy of the 2010 edition of the WETT Reference Manual, CSA B365-10 and a calculator close by.

You can complete the entire course in one session or you may choose to complete it over a number of days; the course will remember where you left off. The course, from start to finish, will take about four hours. You will have 15 days to complete the course, after which a re-activation fee of $140 plus provincial tax will apply. You can re-take the course any time during the 15-day allotted timeframe.

Computer System Requirements
To access the course you will need to have a computer with high-speed internet access. You will also need a web browser and an individual, unique to you e-mail account (i.e., you cannot use a general e-mail address used by others). Please ensure that your computer’s sound is turned up, as most of the course content includes narration.

For more detailed specifications visit the WETT NRO instruction guide.

Registration Requirements
To take the course, you must already be WETT certified and have successfully completed the Woodburning Systems and SITE Basic Inspection courses. The course utilizes Humber College’s online “Black Board” learning management system. Given this association with Humber College, those taking the New and Review online course will need to have a student ID with Humber College. Consequently, as part of the registration process, you will need to supply some personal information including your full name, address and date of birth. This information will remain confidential and held in accordance with our privacy policy. (

To register and pay by cheque, click here.

To register and pay online, please return to our home page at and log in to the members only section.

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