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Search Tips
The following tips are offered to help you find a WETT-trained professional.

On this search page, you can search one, all or some of the search criterion. The options are:

  • Service: inspections, chimney sweeping or installations.
  • City/town: the city or town where the service is to be performed.
  • Province: the province where the service is to be performed.
  • Company: use this when you are searching for a specific company name.
  • Last Name of WETT Member: use this when you are searching for a specific WETT member.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

  • Leave the Company and Last Name of WETT Member boxes blank (unless you are looking for a specific company or specific WETT-certified member).
  • If you are searching for a small town or city, where no WETT-certified professionals come up in your search, then you may want to broaden your search radius to a larger city or town close by.
  • For cities or towns near provincial borders, please only enter the city or town information and leave the Province selection blank.
  • Our website is always up to date with current WETT-certified professionals. When looking to verify if someone is WETT certified, please note that we certify individuals, not companies. Please only enter the Last Name of the WETT Member who completed the work.



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Consumer Complaints
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Discipline and Dispute Form

WETT trained professionals must abide by a code of ethics requiring professionalism in all aspects of their work. The installation and maintenance of wood burning appliances is not regulated in Canada. As a non-profit training and educational association, WETT does not oversee, nor is it responsible for, the workmanship of its members. As such, WETT does not act as a regulator. WETT does maintain internal processes to address breaches of our code of ethics, however WETT cannot become involved in resolving consumer disputes.WETT trains and certifies individuals, not companies. Companies can use the WETT logo if someone at their company is WETT certified, but only those trained can claim to be WETT certified. All WETT certified professionals carry photo ID cards. Ask to see an ID card and ensure that it carries a valid sticker showing the current year.

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